Track Your Temperature
Medhelp's Temperature Tracker allows users to keep track of their average body temperature daily. The Temperature Tracker is especially useful for those users that suffer from medical conditions that affect the body's temperature, such as Hyperthermia, Hypothermia, Raynaud's Syndrome, Wilson's Syndrome, heat fatigue, heat syncope, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or many conditions related to deficiencies with the hypothalamus. The tracker stores daily symptoms such as chills, constipation, heat intolerance, pain, and sweating. The Temperature Tracker will also record any medications or treatments users may be undergoing, including acetaminophen, cold and hot compressions, and ibuprofen. Continuous use of the Temperature Tracker creates a longitudinal analysis of a user's data that can be shared with their doctor to make managing health simple and easy.

The MedHelp Temperature Tracker helps users visualize their progress and track their stats online without a paper and pen. The data is always accessible - from the home, office, school or on vacation. In addition, users will be able to write a journal detailing fluctuations in body temperature and any treatments that they may be using, and share the information with their family, friends, and doctor.
Temperature Tracker Benefits
Track the effectiveness of treatments, including aspirin, diuretics, and exercise
Develop a Temperature chart that provides a monthly overview of your symptoms, treatments, and related events
Combine with other MedHelp trackers such as the Exercise Tracker, Sleep Tracker, and Heart Rhythm Tracker to record all your symptoms in greater detail