How Much Water Did You Drink Today?
Medhelp's free Water Consumption Tracker allows users to better manage the health effects of dehydration, due to too little water intake, or simply to keep count of the number of glasses of water they drink each day. Dehydration is often linked to other conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis, hyperthermia, gastroenteritis, anorexia nervosa, HIV/AIDS, vomiting, and fever. The Water Consumption Tracker offers users the option of keeping track of symptoms related to either a lack of, or an increase in, water intake. These symptoms include diarrhea, lethargy, nausea, skin turgor, urination, and water gain. With continuous use, the tracker will generate a chart of a user's daily water intake, allowing users to set and reach their daily goals. The Water Consumption tracker can be used with MedHelp's Exercise Tracker and Food Diary to create the perfect weight loss plan.

The MedHelp Water Consumption Tracker helps users visualize their progress and track their stats online without a paper and pen. The data is always accessible - from the home, office, school or on vacation. In addition, users will be able to write a journal detailing how they are doing each day.
Water Consumption Tracker Benefits
Record all the symptoms related to high and low levels of water consumption including high energy, diarrhea, nausea, increase or decrease in urination, and weight gain
Develop a Water Consumption chart that provides a monthly overview of your symptoms and related events
Combine with other MedHelp trackers such as the Exercise Tracker, Weight Tracker, and Food Diary to develop the perfect weight loss routine, or combine with the Pregnancy Tracker, Kidney Tracker, CFS/FMS Tracker, and Diabetes Tracker to record all of your symptoms in greater detail
Compare your personal water consumption tracker to public trackers in the Water Tracker Gallery