Withings blood pressure
Withings Blood Pressure Monitor


Measuring Your Blood Pressure As Easy As 1-2-3
Wrap the Blood Pressure Monitor around your arm, plug it into your iPhone or iPad, and push a button to measure your blood pressure instantly. After you measure your blood pressure, the full results, including the systolic, diastolic blood pressure and BPM, are saved on your iOS device. No need to manually update your health overview from day to day.

Your Trending Graphs at Your Fingertip
Browse, zoom, get simple averages of all your blood pressure data any time anywhere. Access your stats on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, as well as on your private account, at home or in your office, on Mac or PC. Your data is safely backed up so you will never lose your history.

Readings Automatically Tracks Dates and Time of Reading for Accurate Comparison
It is important to keep track of the time of day when the reading was taken. The Withings app provides tools for visualizing your morning and afternoon readings separately. Hence, you only compare what needs to be compared.

Stay in sync with your doctor
We recommend that you take your blood pressure measurements at home in a relaxed environment, and we have made it incredibly easy to share your results with your doctor: Push a button in the Withings App to send a summary email to your doctor or healthcare provider of choice.

Integrates Seamlessly with Your Personal Health Record on MedHelp
You can sync your Withings Blood Pressure Data with your MedHelp account to keep all of your health data in one place.

Already have a Withings Blood Pressure Monitor?
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