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Withings WiFi Body Scale

Measures your weight, body fat and BMI

The Intelligent Body Scale
Withings' WiFi body scale measures your weight, body fat, and BMI (Body Mass Index) from one device. The data wirelessly synchs up to internet and iPhone application with a push of a button. The entire family can track their individual measurements from one scale, intelligently attributed to each family member's account automatically.

Wirelessly Links Your Scale to Internet or SmartPhone
Withings' web and iphone dashboard is the extension of your WiFi Body Scale. From any web browser or from Withings' free iPhone/Android application, you can log in anywhere anytime to see a rich, relevant view of your weight, body fat, and BMI measurements, in total confidentiality.

Connects to your MedHelp Trackers
MedHelp will automatically integrate your updated Withings measurements into your Weight Tracker and MedHelp's award-winning weight loss iPhone app My Diet Diary, so that you could have all of your health data at one place.

Captures Accurate, Personalized Data
The data from Withings' Wifi Body Scale is extremely accurate. It's ideal for patients with medical conditions where weight gain could signal an acute medical event and people who want to track your health condition beyond just weight. You set your own healthy reference ranges in your profile and see how you compare against your goals every day.

Becomes your Healthcare Partner
For your doctor: Generates and prints graphs showing your weight, body fat, and BMI for your medical records

For your trainer/nutritionists: Provides interfaces so they can monitor your progress directly from their computer

For your medical records: Directly add your Withings' measurements to your medical records online

For the Entire Family
The WiFi scale can be used by the entire family, up to 8 users per scale, with automatic data attribution to each family member. You can monitor your children's weight gain or health condition directly on your Withings dashboard or MedHelp tracker.