Consultations with Dr. Pomerance
Relationship decisions are difficult, tricky, confusing, and anxiety-producing. We can't see what to do because we are so enmeshed in them, both emotionally and practically. My goal is to cut through the fog, and assess what might really be going on. Then, the question is whether the relationship can be saved and improved. If it can be, the question is how, what is the path? If it can't, the issue is how exactly to extricate ourselves, learn from the experience, and move on.

This approach has proven extremely useful to individuals and couples over many years. I find that even a brief consult or two will set a person on the right track. Regaining perspective, and then establishing the right decision strategy, and the tactics to implement it, is critical. Meetings can be either in my Boston office, or my office directly west of Boston, near Route 128.
Telephone Consultations
I have helped with urgent relationship decisions by telephone in countries on four continents, in brief consults and continuing sessions. This has been critical when local, expert help has not been available. I have been very impressed how weekly 45 minute telephone sessions can be as effective as coming into the office. Email contact can also be useful.
Everyone works with me directly. I do NOT run a clinic. Consultations involve just us, working to make a better life.

Will your insurance cover meetings? Please check your outpatient mental health coverage, to learn how they handle out-of-network practitioners. Sessions cost $180/50 minutes.

Please email or call (617) 308-6901 with any questions about my approach or related matters that concern you. Remember, no matter how awful your situation seems, it CAN be better!