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4 Filling 100-Calorie Snacks


Quick, nutritious snack combinations — all 100 calories or less! 


By Brittany Doohan 


It's mid-morning and your stomach is growling. You've already eaten breakfast and your lunch plans aren't until 2 PM. You know that eating regularly (not skipping meals or not waiting too long between meals) can help keep your blood sugar balanced — but it's the type of food you choose that's key. So what do you reach for to hold you over? Tame that tummy tiger with these 4 nutritious and filling on-the-go snacks.  

Smart Diabetes Snacks

Smart Diabetes Snacks

Smart Diabetes Snacks

Smart Diabetes Snacks


Published on June 2, 2016. 


Brittany is a health and lifestyle writer and editor living in San Francisco.  

Reviewed by Toby Smithson, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE on April 18, 2016.
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