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5 Tips to Tame Your Sweet Tooth


Easy ways to fight sugar cravings 


By Brittany Doohan 


When it comes to food, we all have a vice, a guilty pleasure, our kryptonite. If you’re one to buckle at the mere mention of a sweet treat (or, say, the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies), but want to limit your intake, try these tips to tame those sugar cravings.

Switch your sugar. If you’re hankering for dessert, instead of your usual chocolate chip ice cream, try unsweetened yogurt with berries and cacao nibs. Enjoying a healthier version (or even just a healthier portion) of your favorite treat lets you get your sweet fix without the extra calories. 

Chew gum. If you want to completely avoid a sugar urge, chew a piece of sugar-free gum. Studies have shown that chewing gum can help curb food cravings. Why? It may be because chewing gum fulfills your need to chew, distracting you from your initial desire. 

Get moving. Are visions of cupcakes dancing around in your head? Take a walk. A little exercise, and change of scenery, can help take your mind off what you were craving.  

Choose quality over quantity. If you’re longing for a treat and just can’t seem to kick the impulse, go ahead, take a bite. But just one. Research has shown that the first bite is the most pleasurable anyway, and that our satisfaction dwindles with each additional bite.

Eat regularly. If you’re famished from going 6 hours without eating, you might be tempted to grab the first thing in sight — whether it’s a candy bar or cheeseburger and fries. Aim to eat every 3 to 5 hours (by snacking on nutritious foods, like veggie sticks and hummus or nuts, in between meals) to keep your blood sugar, and cravings, in check. 

Whether you have diabetes or no, watching your sugar intake — especially how many added sugars you consume — is a good idea when it comes to good health. Sweeteners have been linked to the development of health problems including diabetes, obesity, liver disorders, and high blood pressure. 


Published on April 19, 2016. 


Brittany is a health and lifestyle writer and editor in San Francisco.  

Reviewed by Toby Smithson, MS, RDN, LD, CDE on April 18, 2016.
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