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Healthy Recipe Swaps for a Healthier You

A Healthy Rule of Thumb

A Healthy Rule of Thumb

Substituting healthier ingredients in your favorite dishes is a great way to keep your healthy eating goals on track — but you don’t want to sacrifice taste or texture. Certain ingredients are in your recipe for a reason (the fat in butter provides richness and texture, and eggs act as a binding agent). In most recipes, you won’t want to completely eliminate one ingredient in favor of another; instead, split the difference, keeping half of the original ingredient and substituting a healthier swap for the other half.

And remember, healthy swaps are a compromise. They may work better in some dishes than in others. Substitute when you can, but feel free to enjoy your original recipes, too (in moderation, of course)! 

By Brittany Doohan. Published February 4, 2013. Brittany is a health and lifestyle writer living in San Francisco.