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Anatomy of a Migraine

The Intensity of Migraines

The Intensity of Migraines

You can feel it coming — sensitivity to light, draining fatigue, debilitating dizziness, nausea. These symptoms can come frequently, can knock you down for days at a time and, with no extra-strength pills that can help and no one to make the pain disappear, can seem never-ending. You're a migraine headache sufferer (or a migraineur) and you may need to deal with these symptoms for the rest of your life. But knowing what signs to look for, which medicines can help and things you can do to ease the pain can help you feel a whole lot better. 

By Daniel Halperin, published 3/8/11. Reviewed on 10/3/18 by: Jon Glass, M.D. Board Certificate: Neurology. License info for MA, NJ, NY, and PA available.