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Anatomy of a Migraine

Types of Migraines

Types of Migraines

In addition to the with-aura and without-aura difference, six common types of migraines are:

  • abdominal migraine – more common in children and comes with moderate to severe stomach pain
  • acephalgic (or silent) migraine – other migraine symptoms appear but the headache itself never materializes
  • basilar migraine – includes more neurologic symptoms and can lead to significant brain issues
  • hemiplegic migraine – can go as far as causing temporary paralysis
  • retinal migraine – characterized by extreme visual disturbances throughout the headache
  • transformed migraine – migraines that keep occurring more often and come with different symptoms each time
By Daniel Halperin, published March 8, 2011. Daniel is a freelance writer based in New York City.