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JayJay123_ I've been having terrible abdominal pain for the past six months that became severe lasnite and I went to emergency room. They're talking 'bout gastro problems (BS). My "GYNO" dosn't seem to know crap about endo. U knw any good lap surgeons in Jamaica?
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ticked I am just seeing this now. Let me ask around :)
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asadsadia i have the same problem..what can i dooo????
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marielta Hi my name is Mariel, and I read in one of your comments about endometriosis that body rolling can help with this. How can it help? I read a litlle bit about body rolling and quite not get how this simple
movements can help me. I do have endo, grade 1.
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ticked Ball rolling helps to break up scar tissue that acts as glue causing your insides to be stuck together esp after surgery. It is also good for overall health and wellness when it comes to your bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves.
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