sad private practice is over.  I was enjoying all the older ladies having babies and the life as a journey metaphors. 01/13 - 1
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krichar Me too :( I loved that show....

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. Sep 23 - 0
beyond distraught... mil has cancer  and they screwed up a procedure that may not be fixable. Aug 04 - 7
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pb95 All this in 1 day and I am so upset. Haven't told the kids yet either! This is awful.
Aug 04
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pb95 Yup. Not fixable... gone into palliative care. Just chipped my front tooth an hour ago. I can't make this stuff up.
Aug 07
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pb95 We've made it to Tuesday.
Aug 08
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Belle313 I'm so sorry you've had such a hard time lately. Sounds like a black cloud is following you too.
You are so right....can't make this stuff up!
Aug 11
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Hollus Oh no... I am so sorry PB!  **HUGS** Sometimes it's all you can do to make it one hour or one minute at a time and breath. ~SIGH~
Aug 27
how is it that people can sit and watch their kids ball league fold and not get off their tush to help keep it going??? Jul 05 - 1
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Hollus It's a mystery and very frustrating!!
Jul 23
too much going on right now. don't know how to deal with it all!!! Jun 11 - 2
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pb95 Think we're out of that mess.
Jun 19
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Hollus I hope so! Are things more manageable now? **HUGS**
Jun 25
I love my family!!! Apr 06 - 2
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Hollus Are you being sarcastic? ;-)
Apr 17
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pb95 Ha! Not this time! I'm referring to the ones in my house. They are cool!!
Apr 18
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