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Confucius. " Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall." 01/16 - 2
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abhay_pandit52 my name is Abhay, I am 31 year old Man. I have face itching Problem in my legs & hands, I used fourderm & Surfaz-SN and Clotrimazode Dusting Power But Nothing do. Please suggest me good prescription for fast relief.  
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mkh9 abhay_pandit52 I didn't see your comment here. It is best to write on the infectious disease forum or on my message board. I am sorry. Hope your issue was resolved. If you still need an answer write to me on those places. Thanks. mkh9
Dec 24
It's  warm and sunny today, in San Diego. 01/16 - 0
It's  warm and sunny today. 01/16 - 0
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