Scary thing happen to me today while I was at the store, I almost fainted. I got so dizzy and light headed, my face got numb and cold, and I couldn't feel my legs and couldn't stand. It was so scary since that happened my arm now is really sore. 02/13 - 0

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So I'm thinking I'm gonna go back to school for my CNA or CMA I just don't know if I should/could do it and get it done before the baby is born which is in June or wait til after the baby is born. 03/13 - 0
Just got back from getting more blood work done.. Hopefully my levels have gone up! 10/12 - 0
Im so confused.... yesterday i was 4 weeks and 5 days. so does that meant today i am 4 weeks and 6 days or i am i now 5 weeks?? 10/12 - 0
is..... EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!!!!!!! PREGNANCY TEST WAS A POSITIVE! YAY!!!!! :) 10/12 - 1
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agrell That's wonderful Congrats hun
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