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brokenhearted0909 I am a 50 year old women witlh a tram addiction.  Didnt realize how bad it was till my husband of 22 years wants to call it quits.  He has said im a good mother to my daughters but not a good wife.  Ive been on pain meds for about 15 yrs starting with lortabs to trams. Im have gone from 8 pills a day to 5 in the last week and am planning to taper off. All i do is cry. I so dont want my marriage to be over, dont want my husband to give up on me or us. (btw he is an alcoholic). I feel like my life is over.  Im getting off these meds first and formost for me and secondly for my husband. I just dont know what to do anymore.

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Well today is a new day in Gods precise world. I am on day 5 of being opiate clean. Took a walk with m little or big yellow lab, Dakota. 05/13 - 0
depressed, feels alone, longing for my husband to talk to me. 01/13 - 0
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