I feel like i have no friends who are on my side when im having hard times in my life and plus my bf lives in another county and he works crazy hours 11/14 - 2
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remar I'm glad you became a member of Medhelp. We're always here to listen and help anyway we can. So, you do have have friends here.
Take care.
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singlemother08 thanks and i'm glade that i can trust on you guys/people with all of my problems

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Today i saw my asthma dr and got the biggest news every that since August-14 til December-14 she told me that in four months i total lost 30lbs 12/14 - 0
I have a question: what should i do if i have to use my rescues inhaler every hour and i already finished my medications that was giving to me when i was at the quick care and i live with my parents and they don't believe that my breathing is going south? 11/14 - 0
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