Optomistic but guarded mast cell cancerous tumors on Sookie.  She's 12 so doesn't heal fast enough to suit her.  LOVE! Sep 12 - 2
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Piparskeggr Fingers crossed for Sookie.
Sep 12
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AppleBr prayers on the way
Sep 13

Recent Status Updates

Hi to my friends.  I hope life is mostly good for yous.  Love to yous and your furry friends. Feb 14 - 2
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opus88 Love back my dear <3
Feb 15
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Jade59 Hi Melinda.  I hope life is going as well as it can for you too.  Sending love and hugs~ ♥
Feb 16
Giving pets as gifts is a bad idea usually. Never give at holidays. Dec 07 - 0
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Blessings to you all and your furry friends. Nov 21 - 0
I miss yous.   Nov 04 - 1
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Jade59 I miss YOU.  I sent you a note a couple weeks ago.  I hope you and Sookie are doing well.  Love and hugs to you Melinda. xo
Nov 04
Sookie had 2 tumors removed.  We have 5 days to get biopsy results. Now battle of the E-Collar wilh which I can't help. Aug 18 - 0
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