is just a little concerned that Dscqon (Kalie) hasnt been on here or updated since she gave birth!!! praying everything is ok :-) 12/13 - 2
334926 tn?1436811523
butterflybabies I saw your status and wanted to stop by and tell you she and baby are great! I'm friends with her outside of mh. I will let her know your thinking of her and tell her to pop on when she gets a minute. I hope she posts pics cause Hunter is so handsome
1045917 tn?1376594610
nichumangel Thank you butterflybabies for the update. Great to hear give her hugs for me

Recent Status Updates

Still cant get over this feeling and sadness that i am not having another child!  :-( worse feeling in the world :-( 02/14 - 1
1386765 tn?1451164337
pb95 I agree it is hard to let go of the desire.  You are not alone!
is still feeling The void of wanting  another child! ! 11/12 - 1
961574 tn?1520648103
mhv Awwww, I want you to have another 1, or 2!!!  There has to be a way, doesn't there!?!?
I am off to holidays tommorrow, so I will be limited to internet, I would just like to wish all you expectant mommie's the best of luck in the coming weeks, and maybe I will return to some cutie pies on here!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND YOUR LITTLE ONES!! 06/12 - 0
My sincere sympathies go out to dscoqn and her dh om the loss of their angel Ruby. May time and the Lord heal the hole in your heart. 06/12 - 0
just wanted to let everyone know that my dh and i are done trying..:'(. i had a tubiligation last week...i am sooooo haappy for all of you that are all on your way to becoming mommies and you will all do great!! and for those of you still trying.. 05/12 - 0
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