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One day at a time

This is a great concept but fails in practice. It would be kinda like running while look at your shoes the whole time o yea and your in a busy street.

But it is kinda true at the same time the past is already gone and the future isnt written yet. So its good to enjoy the moment. I think a better thing is to live for today but prepare for tomarrow. In the same like all things it comes down to how you balance it focus to much on today and you wont be ready for tomarrow. Focus to much on tomarrow and youll never have a today. But in all things let the past be the past. The first word in it is pas just add another s as in its passed you by its gone get over it let it go. I know this is a hard thing in the end no one can ever balance the board right.

Why cant we balance our live right? i dont know i guess if i did i would write a book. Are we imperfect or is this just how it is?

:3 i end it here
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If you want to write a book (I'm basing this on the second to last sentence in your post), try doing NaNoWriMo. Go to nanowrimo.org, and sign up November 1, then challenge yourself to write at least 1700 words a day for 30 days. Periodically check in and input your word total. At the end, if you achieve the 50,000 word goal of NaNo, reward yourself with something, like a tee-shirt. That's what I've done, twice. It was the single most powerful thing I've ever done fo rmy writing, and I used to be TERRIBLY blocked.
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