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Welcome{please read and say hi}

Welcome to the California group  I hope we use this group to perhaps better our state and just get conected

You need to discuss issues in an adult matter(weather you are one or not you will be still held to this rule)
         - What does that mean simply put that means you need not swear or insult others.
         - Do not slander others names.
         -Last treat other as you want to be treated

Where is swearing allowed.
        -We would like you to not swear but if you must it must never be at another person
        EX- Your ******* stupid -- this will not be tolerated and you will be ban as well as reported
         -so where then
        EX- This makes me so ******* mad
         - we will tolerate it when trying to express yourself given freedom of speech

Private people
          -please refrain from speaking about private matter of others  

Know what you are responsible for
           -like in real life in this group you are responsible for what you say.
           - The group is not and by joining this group you recognize this

more rules may be added if it becomes necessary Thank-you and welcome
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