If you were only allowed to have one pet at home total what would it be? Why?

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This is a hard one for me ..I love dogs always been a dog person, but I dont deal with grief well,after I lost my otrher dogs before I came to the US I vowed I couldnt go through it again,4 years ago now a Kitty came into my life a little calico stray ..she is called Tweety...we are bonded, she doesnt like dogs .. so although I think dogs may be best ...I am also now a cat lover ... Are you thinking of getting a pet?
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  Hi although I have a turtle for over 15 yrs, and is fun...he can not snuggle and  give the love and affection that a dog can.

My DH is allergic to cats, and DD is as well so no cats here, I do think they r a beautiful animal....but know it just would not work.

I did raise rabbits when I was in High school, and loved them, still prefer the dogs.
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My Mom had 5 tortoises the land ones for as far back as I can remember they live a long time , as far as I know they are still around. They were facinating pets, had their own pen in the garden ,, do you know they can climb fences ...
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  wow, well my turtle is a musk turtle and lives in water...he has a tank and will follow me when I walk back and forth in front of it....he is funny....

Had no idea they could climb tho, but buddy broke his first tank by knocking over the rocks we had piled for him to climb on to get out of the water...the glass cracked and what a mess....lol...
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