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If for some reason you had to lose one of your five senses in order to survive, which sense would you be willing to give up. Why?

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I would be willing to give up taste.

Why, because if I couldn't taste the food, it would help me be able to eat healthier. Food that I can't stand the taste of, (for example Grapefruit) would be manageable. However, I wouldn't be able to taste if something isn't right though. Spoiled milk, rotten or burnt food are examples. However, I would still be able to smell, so that would greatly help out.

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I would give up smell as i think it is the least useful and i have allergies amybe not being able to smell might help that lol
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this is a hard but interesting question I think it would be hearing but not certain..I think there are so many ways to help hearing problems ..I would miss my taste a lot.. vision it goes without saying, my bro is almost blind .you know this is a tough one as I am already going back on the hearing choice LOL.
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Hands down, it would have to be smell, least important of the rest. I would miss smelling the flowers in Spring, Christmas trees & my birdies but I could live without.
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we would give up hearing.. so we wouldn't have to hear the anger tones in peoples voices or when they we're being rude.. mean or just plain cruel.. we wouldn't hear the screams when people yell at others..
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