What is/are your Favorite Sport(s)?
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NASCAR!!!  My favorite drivers are Carl Edwards and Kasey Kahne!  I seriously hope that Jimmy Johnson doesn't win the championship this year - it makes it so boring for the same team to win 4 years in a row!  Lately the Nationwide Series has been having better racing than the Sprint Cup - in my opinion.  Sprint Cup is playing it too safe bc of the points race, but the Nationwide guys are just out to prove themselves and the Sprint guys that race in nationwide race better bc the stakes aren't as high.  I think that has alot to do with it.
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football , basketball , hockey , baseball and nascar
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I'm not much of a sports fan or sports person but I'll watch it. I can't get around sports cuz I'm surrounded by guys (my many brothers, dad & bf) and everyone knows when sports are on you don't distract men. lol

I like soccer. I used to watch it for C.Ronaldo but then I got tired of his cockiness. I'm usually repulsed my people who think they're just so great and sadly that's found sooo much in sports. I guess that's what makes sports what it is - being better than everyone else. To me it's a game you put your best foot forward but you don't need to go to another level of demeaning your opponent or going HULK to win.

Anyways, I watch what others watch. My boyfriend like UFC and soccer, but I can't watch UFC. The mixture of men on each other and blood - I think it's gross.  My dad likes hockey but I can never see where the puck is lol :D ha. My brothers like football and basketball but I don't get football and Jordan's not playing so no point to watching basketball lol. I can't watch nascar or golf cuz it's too slow to me.

You know this is kinda funny to me. I'm so picky. I think I need to find a sport I like. I used to play loads of sports now I'm just fussy. I dunno.

So what do you all think.. what sports do you all like?

WAIT I LIKE... MINI GOLF, OBSTACLE COURSES and DODGE BALL but I don't think those are really sports. Oh well..
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