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? for you all

My hubby and i both has ADHD and are 29 weeks pregnant can are baby have ADHD to
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I lost a beautiful baby girl  at 38 weeks (umbilical cord was around her neck when delivered) & I'm certain that Adderall contributed by stimulating her movements in the last weeks of my pregnancy. Athough my OB prescribed it for A.D.H.D. (I had been on it for two years prior to the pregnancy), I feel responsible and will never forgive myself. It was February 21, 2006 and it feels like yesterday.

I pray you delivered a healthy baby and my sincere hope is that your family is blissfully happy!
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   Robin, so sorry to hear about your loss.  I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you.  But your doctor is the one that should have told you that taking adderall during pregnancy is not a good idea.  At least, now, the standard is don't take it - I don't know what the standard was then.  Thank you for sharing.  Peace!
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       I don't know the exact stats, but a high percentage of ADHD is hereditary.  There are families where one child may have it, or several children have it or none have it.   But since both of you have it, its at least a pretty good chance that your child might have it.
      The good news is that you will recognize the symptoms early (if your child does have it) and not be punishing the child for things they have no control over. There is a huge amount more information out now on how to deal with ADHD (besides just the meds) which should mean that your child may not have to go through some of the things that you and your husband did.
    If you need any more info or more info for you and your husband, please post.  Best wishes.
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