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25yr old with ADHD needs help

I am a 25 year old man.  I have lived a rather great life so far but for some reason I dont want to believe that even though I know it is true.  I had many problems growing up and still do to this very day.  I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 14 years old.  I started taking prescription medication at that time and continued to do so for several years.  At some point I just decided to quit taking my medication.  It just felt like it wasnt doing what is was suppose to.  Where initially it did calm me down and allow me to focus on things it became to a point where it was almost like pure speed for me.  Which really began to suck since I was already somewhat hyperactive.  I wasnt so much physically hyperactive as I was mentally.  My mind is always looking for a challenge.  I tend to accept a challenge and once I realize that I am not to far from my goal, I give up convincing myself I have already completed it.  I have always been a great student in school.  I quit school my 10th grade year and went back the following year and did graduate on time.  Out of all of my friends I have set myself up for the most amount of success but I have always sabotaged myself.  I have had a lot of trouble keeping friends and find out that a lot of people seem to take advantage of me that and they seem to be somewhat annoyed by me at times.  Anyways,  I am 25 years old now I have been married and now I am divorced.  I have had several relationships in my life but I do seem to get bored with a person after a month.  I am now back at home with my parents and I absolutly hate it but it seems like I dont want to do anything to change the situation.  I am a well educated person and unlike most people I know with adhd I seem to be more mature than the people of my same age.  I guess that brings me to the real problem.  I need to change my life and I need to do it quick.  I am spiralling down into a pit of depression and have lost all confidence that I use to have in myself.  I am tired of dealing with most of these problems especially when I know I create most of them myself.  I dont want to take any rittalin or concerta or anything like that now so I suppose my question is what are natural alternatives to help treat adhd?
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Thre are natural things you can take and do to subside the symptoms. I hust learned that if you cut out all yellow food dye in your diet, it may help. Good luck!
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Yes there are many natural altenatives out there to help you, the health food stores have something in called   Vaxa Attend, and I think that is has had good reports, it has also been shown that Food supplement treatment of ADHD may be of equal effiacy to Ritalin, you would benefit from a multiple vitamin-mineral supplement with B Compex and Vit C ,Fish oil has also worked well for some.I have a terrific health store called "Sprouts" and they even have technicians who will go onto their PC in the store and print out details of relevant supplements to help you, I take some myself for Adrenal Insufficiency and they do work.
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Try Ginko Biloba (natural herbal product) that you can get at your local pharmacy or natural foods store. It's not addictive. And it has been shown to help some people with concentration and memory problems; so that the symptoms are more manageable. The patient demographic for Ginko is usually old men and women. But, I don't see why it can't help any one else with the same symptoms. I have bought a bottle of capsules myself and plan on taking three pills a day; while note-taking any improvements.
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