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4 1/2 year old son with adhd

My son has been diagnosed with adhd and started out on Focalin. He did great on it but during "the come down" he got aggressive so they added another medication. Then when he adjusted to the focalin about a week we took him off of the other meds. Then that stopped working and they put him on Vyvance. The vyvance worked good but it caused anxiety. He started bitting his nails till they bled. I talked to the dr and they switched him off of the vyvance and put him on a non-stimulant which is Intunive (I think that is how it is spelled). They started him on 1mg then upped it to 2mg and now they have him on 3mg. He has even stopped stuttering on this medication. However, he has started cursing. No matter what I do I cannot break him. He said in church this morning "f****er" when I asked him to stop talking. He heard SOB on tv the other day and started saying that. He heard some guy call a girl a b**ch at a store and now he called me that.

I have done time out. Taken things away, done a point reward system (right now he is working towards owning Alvin and the chipmunks movie. He needed 18points and he was up to 10 then he started his cursing and is negative 12points), everything I could think of and he won't stop cursing. He has started peeing in his pants when I tell him we have to go somewhere and he doesn't want to go. I started carrying two changes (full) of clothes with me just in case.

He won't stay with anyone other than me or his grandma. He used to stay with his grandpa or his great grandma and he won't now. I don't know what to do anymore.
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A diagnosis of ADHD is not appropriate for children of this age who are still in the early stages of development. Find a more competent doctor.
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Please learn more about this as with proper testing, digging, and so forth adhd is an appropriate diagnosis for a child of that age.

Please read http://www.additudemag.com/adhd/article/2488.html his dr did do a very complete exam on him and several ppl had to fill out forms along with him having to go through several testing. Obviously you have not had to deal with a child this little that can throw a 4 hour temper tantrum straight without stopping at all along with several other things.
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Are the medications helping any?  It sounds like things are not getting any better. I would question the diagnosis and perhaps get a 2nd opininon, esp since the child is so young.
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I have had several 2nd opinions. The meds do help. He no longer throws 4 hour temper tantrums, it no longer takes 2 1/2 hours in the morning to get him ready because he decides that he is not doing something so he hides something and then not only is he late for school but I'm late for work. He is more willing to listen and he focuses on his class work.

He now gets up gets dressed, does his morning routine, etc. His temper tantrums are "I can't believe this f***en sh*t" and lasts about 15 min and that's it. Then he's "I'm sorry Mommy. I'm so sorry I said a naughty word"

If I say a naughty word around him and he catches it (which is NEVER the f word) he is allowed to 'punish' me by reminding me that it is a naughty word and tell me I have to go on time out.

I don't believe in the do I say not as I do. If he gets time out for naughty words the same applys to me.

The stimulants worked wonders and was a blessing BUT it was causing him to bite his nails until they bled among other anxiety things which I couldn't let him continue to be on a medication that was causing that.

I have read that it takes some time for non-stimulant to get into his system but I have given it 2 weeks now and he is now working toward his third week.

My son takes 7 medications a day for lung conditions. If he doesn't have them he will die. I'm sure some of this has something to do with his condition but unfortunatly my son has to have all these medications.

I refuse to give up on my child and refuse to say oh well because this is my baby boy. He holds my heart and all the love that I can give him. He can become something some day and I want him to have the BEST opertunity to become whatever he puts his mind to and not be like me...

Very unorganized, very forgetful, very shy and not know why, how, or where to get help for it.
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your child is way to young to be put on these drugs.Have you looked at the side effects of these drugs and what they can do to his brain and body?And did the Doctor tell you that your son would need to have blood test at least every six months or once a year to check his blood levels to make sure the drugs are not damage the liver ? plus what they can do to the brain and the heart and can cause stress and anxitey.

kids will repeat what they hear and see,my kids did and still do even thou they are older now.You just have to let them know what is right and what is wrong.

I say try giving Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 and A Multivitamin for Children and Omega 3-6-9  they can help with learning and won't have all the bad side effects that these other drugs do.

And I would make sure the Doctors rule out other things that look like ADD and ADHD and even Biplar.
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Do you think all the meds for the lung conditions make things worse for him, like the inhalers, etc.  They can stimulate people too.  Like albuterol, etc...  adn steroids can cause alterations in personality.  It sounds like a difficult situation to be in.  Of course, I'm no doctor, so I can't judge and also I don't know everything.   I would just keep monitoring the situation closely.  Does he see a child psychiatrist, I'm a little leary about pediatricians giving out these medications.  Also my doctor told me those medications would make most anyone do better, but not necessarily be helping the underlying issue, so keep this in mind.  We would all be more productive and focused on Ritalin or Ritalin-like drugs.
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