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5 year old with behavioral issues

My 5 year old daughter started kindergarten this past school year, and within the first week of school I received a note from her teacher saying that she would not stay in her seat, was talking out of turn, singing when it was quiet time or the class was reading a book, was not listening or following instructions.  Her teacher placed her on a daily behavior chart that is sent home each day with how her day was (whether she was listening or not, etc)  Throughout the school year she has had several behavior referrals as well (writing on her desk, elbowing another child in the stomach, writing on her desk again, etc etc)  I have been trying positive reinforcement to encourage her to behave at school (going to the park after school for an hour if she has a good day, receiving a special treat such as ice cream)  but she still has more bad days than good.  She is aware that her behavior is inappropriate, and shows remorse on the days that she brings home a "bad" report, but she still acts out in this way.  Her teacher says that she is not falling behind academically, and for the most part is not overly distracting her classmates, but I am concerned that this behavior will continue.  She has had trouble with her reading and writing because she tends to rush through it.  We work with her on this but she still seems to have problems.  I was recently diagnosed with inattentive-type ADHD and Bipolar I disorder, I am afraid that my mental illness is contributing to her behavior.  I think that she may be ADHD but my husband does not want her to be medicated.  I am not sure what to do.
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I also wanted to add that her math and science skills are exceptional, but she is lacking in social studies, reading, and writing.  Every marking period she has received "S"s (satisfactory) in these areas, but "N"s (needs improvement) in the other areas..this has been consistent through out the school year despite increased focus on helping her with the areas that need improvement.
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wanted to clarify that the 'S' is in math and science and 'N's in reading, writing, and social studies
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I would suggest that you see a behavior therapist which without meds can work with her to see what is going on and try to change the behaviors that are causing problems.  Another thing you can do is put her into a physical therapy program.   When I was her age my grades were fine but my inattentiveness was lacking substantially.  My mom put me into gymnastics, ballet, and tap as well as put me in a physical therapy program outside of the school.  Be wary of using the school therapists since some are politically and school district motivated and sometimes will say your child is doing terrible and needs medication.  Some teachers and administrators feel that meds solve all problems and that if they are diagnosed with a problem that will give them a pass.  As well as a special education referral which can help them out when it comes to state testing.  But, not all schools are this way.  
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