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My 6 year old son has had behavior issues for most of his life. He is strong willed, and used to show aggressive tendencies. He ceased being aggressive when he was about 5, and appears to have normal social relations with his peers. His reading, math and other academic skills are on or above grade level.

However, he talks incessantly -- and has become a disruption to the class. He sometimes forgets things-- like his assignment book, or his homework folder.  Bcause he talks so much and is sometimes fidgety in class he does not hear the instructions and makes mistakes or does not complete his work.He does not like to sit in his chair at school-- he often stands or sits improperly. He does not run around the class room but I think he tries to make excuses to get up out of his chair- to get a drink of water or to go to the bathroom.

At home, he does talk a lot. In general, he is obedient, but can be defiant some times. We use time outs and positive reinforcement for good behavior at home. He will sit and do his homework -- but he needs a lot of attention to do it.

A behavior chart was instituted for him early on in the school year, and he had made significant progress/ improvement. He would receive positive reports most of the time, and received rewards for these reports.

However, in the past three weeks his behavior has deteriorated -- both at home and at school. About 4 weeks prior to this onset of behavior downslide, he experienced the unexpected death of one of his babysitters -- so we had thought that maybe his behavior deterioration was related to this.  He also had an ear infection -- and we thought maybe this was a contributing factor to the behavior. But after treatment for the infection, his behavior continues to deteriorate.

Should he be considered for ADHD evaluation?

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I don't know LRM.  I took my son to a psychiatrist as a last resort.  I was getting 2-4 calls a month from exasperated teacher and principle.  He even got SUSPENDED in second grade.  I always told myself i wasn't going to put him on drugs. I'd tried everything, time-out, spanking, talking, grounding. reward systems.    Someone convinced me that it would be in his best interest to let myself weight the consequences givin to me by an informed professional.  The only questions answered were the ones I asked, and basically the physchiatrist let the decision up to me after the diagnosis, which was just a 10 minute observation of Jaden and about a 20 minute conversation with me.
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I just left the pediatrician's office and he suggested that we get him evaluated by a psychologist-- and I'm trying to arrange that appointment now.

My husband was a no drugs person too-- but at this point I am convinced that my son is not misbehaving willfully, he is misbehaving because he can't control himself. I want to get him on an effective treatment plan as quickly as possible.

What did the psychiatrist say about your son?
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They said he has ADD, and that the patch Daytrana, or a pill would help him to control his behavior.  Jaden wants to be good most of the time that I can see and the medicine helps him to put on his 'brakes'  I only give it to him for school, and I've cut them in half. It is a controlled substance that causes his stomache to hurt, and that causes mood swings, feelings of helplessness, crying at times, but all in all it was the best choice for my son, so he can concentrate better at school, and get along socially better.  My son was not accepted at school, or by the other kids.  It was the best decision for me and Jaden.  But may not be for you, I would consider lots of research before making such a huge decision.  There are also alternative therapies, like for instance herbal remedies, and behavior therapies.  
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I thank you so much for your advice. I am very scared about side effects as well, but I am more scared about my son being isolated socially. He has had some sort of issue his whole life-- used to be aggression, then not listening in school. He is not aggressive any more-- thank goodness--  but he can't control his talking or moving for any length of time. He has not been socially isolated -- yet-- but I can see it coming as the other kids sort of grow up and move on and he can't control himself to do that.

How quickly did you see effects from the medication, may I ask?
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