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6 year old with ADHD w/impulsivity

I posted this question on a different forum and am moving it here with the 2 responses received. Thank you so much!

I have a 6 year old son diagnosed with ADHD w/impulsivity disorder at 2. He had been in a program in the public school since he was 3. Then in kindergarten and 1st grade has been in a co-teaching environment. He is smart and very affectionate but has still been having issues in school at least once a week where he will push another child or hit one. Then he loses privledges at school like recess, which he loves. He knows this behavior is not acceptable and when asked he says he doesn't think before he does it and doesn't know why he does it. He says he's just not good at first grade. He doesn't seem phased by consequences like going to the principals office. He has an IEP and a reward chart at school for exhibiting good listening skills and behavior. I am thinking about bringing him to a counselor but don't know if that will help if he knows it's wrong to do but can't help it because it's his impulsivity. He also started a vocal tic at the end of august that sounds like he's sniffling in hard and then clearing his throat. His developmental pediatrician said it should go away soon. She recommended the drug tenex for this but I have read bad things about this. Up up this point he has not been on any medication. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



   Well, your school is certainly not helping by taking away recess.  Recess is highly recommended for ADHD kids and should be a part of the IEP.  I am the CL on the ADHD forum - http://www.medhelp.org/forums/ADD---ADHD/show/175.
     There is a lot of information that you or the school does not seem to have gotten.  Lets continue the discussion on the ADHD site.

   Oh, forgot to mention,  ya I would try an avoid the Tenex.  It is sedating and once started must be continued to be effective.
    its always possible that the tics were caused by the pressure of school.
    Check out this link. http://www.additudemag.com/slideshow/63/slide-1.html?utm_source=S@S&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=October
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Thank you for the responses. I didn't realize that recess could be pot in an IEP. I'll see if I can find research on that. Also, they have sent him to the principal but when he does something it's too late because he acts before he thinks about the right choice. He tells me he doesn't know why he pushes kids or hits them. The last time it happened he said 4 kids were playing Star Wars and pretend laser fighting and he was just doing what the other kids were doing. I don't know if any other parents were called or if they are singling him out. Last year he apparently stuck his tongue out at a teacher and I got a call from the counselor that the teacher was highly upset and offended. My son was 5 at the time. I always try to see both sides and if my son is wrong I am the first to admit it but sometimes I feel like he now has a reputation  as the problem child and it's easy to blame him for things.  Any advice on how to help him stop and think before he reacts would be great. I've tried reading him a social story before he gets on the bus but it hasn't helped. I also go over appropriate behavior, etc.
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   Wow,  checked old posts and saw we had a pretty good discussion 3 years ago.  I have picked up a lot of great links since then and I would assume that you have learned alot about ADHD since then.
  I guess what is a bit of a mystery to me is that with your sons history in preschool, etc. - why the school is reacting the way they are.  Kind of makes me wonder that in the crazyness of the year starting that the teacher hasn't had time to read all the info.  
    Saw where this is a co-teaching environment.  Wonder if that is part of the problem.  Are they splitting the week (each have 2an a half days) or do they split two classes between them?
    I think your first step is to make sure that the teachers know and understand what is going on with your son.  Has he actually been sent to the principals office this year?   I would first talk with the special ed person at your school and make sure that they have talked with the teachers.  I would also talk to last years teachers and ask them to speak with this years teachers.
    I can send you lots of research on why physical exercise is important.  
And also lots of suggestions on how to work with ADHD kids in the classroom.   But first things first.  Let me know about the questions I just asked so I can get a feeling on where they are coming from. Oh, what state are you in?
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Thank you for the response. Yes, it has been an interesting few years learning about this and how to help my son.  This forum has been very helpful to me.  He started with early intervention from 2 - 3 where someone would come to the house once a week. Then it went over to the school district from 3 - 5, where he was in a preschool with other kids on IEPs for different reasons.  Those were 1/2 days.  Kindergarten was then 1/2 day and now 1st grade is full day. He has been in daycare since 3 months old since I work full time so being outside the home in a school type environment from 8 - 6 or so 5 days a week is normal for him.  The co-teaching class he was in last year and this year have about 6/17 kids with IEPs in the class. The rest of the class has no IEP.  In kindergarten and now first grade, 1 teacher is a regular kindergarten or 1st grade teacher and the other is a special ed/resource room teacher.  The day isn't split, both teachers are present together in the class the whole day.  The desks are set up in groups of 4, with 2 kids facing each other.  they told me at back to school night last week that they pull his desk away from the other 3 kids so he can focus on the work and it has helped him.  They moved his kindergarten teacher up to first grade so he has had the same teacher for both kindergarten and 1st grade so she knows him.  She does appear to me to really like and care about him and is committed to seeing him succeed.   They also kept his 1st grade classroom as the same classroom he was in in kindergarten. He was very upset by this. He kept saying why am I still in the baby room.  This bothered me, as well, since he definitely is the type of kid that needs the physical aspects of progressing. I made a really big deal about 1st grade all summer and then to be in the same room really bothered him. At the end of last year, they brought the kindergarteners to a "1st grade" class to visit so he had an expectation.  I plan to mention this to them for the future. I feel like I should have been informed about this so I could have prepared him.  He has not been sent to the principal today but has been sent to the counselor.  I am in NJ.
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I also have a call tomorrow with his developmental pediatrician to see if she can write me something for his IEP that taking away recess can't be used as a punishment.
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  I know I have several links on the value of exercise which I will send you.  But, I will see if I can find one that specifically mentions recess.
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    Still looking for the link that is specific to recess for ADHD kids, but this is very good as it covers the latest research.  It would be interesting for the teachers to try starting out the day with physical activities for the kids an see if they notice a difference.  The link is -    http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/09/exercise-seems-to-be-beneficial-to-children/380844/?single_page=true
     I am glad to hear what the teaching situation is.  I have been involved in similar ones like that and they can be really helpful for the kids.  Going from K to first grade is a bit of a change.  I do feel for the teacher.  Did she work with the same special ed teacher last year.?  If not, then there is also a learning curve here too.  
    By the way NJ has got a pretty good school system.  I was afraid that you were stuck in some of the states where things are pretty backward.
     I really think that communication is going to be very important.  It sounds like the teachers want to help.  And its possible that they are just not real up on working with ADHD kids.
    I realize that you work full time, but the more that you can communicate with the teachers (drop off cookies,etc) the better it will be.  I would see if there is any way to get off work a bit early - just to talk with them and let them know that any suggestions they have you will be glad to work on, etc.
    Pretty sure I also have things on social skills - so I will be getting back to you.
     FOUND IT  ADHD an Exercise  - this is good.  See slide 8.  I would print the whole thing out for the teachers.    http://www.additudemag.com/slideshow/129/slide-1.html
     This is also very, very good.  Number 4 should be on his IEP and once again, his teachers need to know this info.
        And this is also worth printing out
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