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8 yr old with ADHD - help

My 8 yr old son  who is a preemie was diagnosed with ADHD 2 yrs ago
He is normally an excellent kid, without meds he can be challenging but on them he is fine
Today we were caught by surprise when his teacher told us that he had made a sexual comment toward another girl in his class
He asked a girl he sits beside him to " have sex with him"
He doesnt even know what it means!!!
He is basically an A student otherwise and I also remember  in 2006 he  asked a girl to take down her panties and was reprimanded
My wife and I are very strict with him, he only plays his video games on weekend , he plays sports with me as I coach him in soccer etc and we have a loving family life

Just curious if this is a part of the ADHD? Perhaps he is overly curious?
And wondering what to do about this besides having a stern talk with him ?
My wife just got back from the school where the girls parent is lodging a formal complaint .....
What are your thoughts??
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       As you know kids with ADHD are very spontaneous - no impulse control.
So first question is when did this happen?  Was it later in the day (or very early) when his meds were not working as well?
       Second question (from experience of being an elementary school teacher and principal) is did he admit to doing this?   Did any one else hear it?
       Girls parent's lodging a formal complaint seems way over the line.  Makes me think there is some past history going on here.   Wondering if the two don't get along or the girl is tired of him bothering him, etc. ?
       And yes, you talk with him.  Although I think he now knows he stepped over the line.   I am guessing that you did not find out about this till the parents complained - which kind of messes up the first rule of behavioral change which is immediate response.  Even at this age, its pretty hard to change behavior if its not an immediate response.  I do think that you want to work closely with this teacher.  Obviously,  kids seats should be changed and he probably should not be talking to her.
      I am curious as to his response.  I have seen a lot of this in elementary schools that gets blown way out of proportion.  Usually, just the teacher an/or principal talking to the parties involved is enough to completely take care of the situation.
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yes my wife went to the school
He was crying a lot and he asked her ' mum am i grounded for a month"
No past issues with this girl
They dont sit beside each other in class but they were working on a project together
I know that my wife has heard other kids he hangs out with in Grade 4 ( a year up) talk about sex quite a bit and perhaps he thought he was cool
Anyway we dont want to make to much of a deal about it but he loses priveledges for a few days and he will write a sorry letter to the girl and parents
We found out as the kid told the teacher and her parents then the parents called the school to go down....
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just found out this happened a week ago
I guesse h the girl finally told her mum and dad which makes it even harder as you want to address things like this immediately...
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   I think that you are dealing with this in the correct way.  Good example of how important words can be.   Best wishes.
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