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ADD + Prcessing deficits: I'm falling behind...

I just Dontr know what to do, and any advice would help greatly.

This past past summer, I was diagnosed with ADD and a visual motor deficit. I'm a junior in high school, and my parents were less than willing to accept it, let alone consider medication. Before school started this year, I admitted that I really had thought about suicide, rather than deal with classes. They ended up relenting and taking me to my dr, who prescribed Adderall for the ADD part of it.
   Still... it doesn't matter how attentive I am. I can't keep up with all the paperwork. When teachers had out assignments printed plain white paper, I have spend a good portion of my time using a highlter, ruler, and pen  to underline and circle things and add lines to write on, just soo can READ it. Otherwise, it's just a sheet of unorganized words and symbols... Useless to me.
  While it's better than jist not doing the work, it's still takes a lot of class time in order to do tis. Especially since writing is difficult and illiegible if I dont concentrate on it with a good amount of time.
   Im falling behind in most of my classes now. Because of my school's writing initiative, we are required to write an essay in each class. I can almost never finish worksheets.
I'm overwhelmed, to say least aha, my dr was talking about sending me to get more processing deficit testing done, and maybe get accommodations for school, but idont want to fight my parents for it. In any case, it'll be too late for tests this year...
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     Cheeze, so many times I see girls/women posting here who have just discovered they have ADD.   Its maddening because if they had been a hyperactive guy, it would have been caught years sooner.
    I am surprised though that you reading/writing problems didn't trigger somebody's interest in middle school or even elementary school.   You were probably such a nice quite kid just getting by that nobody got worried.
    Ya, you need some special help.   Talk with your school counselor.  Tell them about the visual motor deficit and the ADD., and the fact you feel overwhelmed and very depressed.   They should be able to get something going for you.   I can also give you instructions on how to have your parents force the issue if the school is not being helpful - but lets see what happens first.  Also, you don't need your parents permission to get this started.
    The adderall will help to some extent.   Be aware that docs usually start you out on the lowest dose and wait for feedback.  If you don't feel it is working - you will know when it does - do let the doc know so they can up the dose.  If you or your parents have any questions about the meds - please post.  I get and deal with lots of questions about meds.
    Finally, you really need to know and understand what is going on with you or how the ADD is affecting you.   there are study techniques, etc. that can help you, but the visual processing is really gonna complicate matters and that is something that you want to deal with as soon as possible.
      Here is a link with a lot of info on ADD or "Predominately inattentive type"  that you might want to print out (its kinda long) and also show your parents.   The link is - http://www.help4adhd.org/en/about/what/WWK8
       And a much shorter link on a study technique that you might find helpful.  Its called fidgeting - http://www.additudemag.com/slideshow/63/slide-1.html
      Let me know what other info you might need.  Best wishes.  
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Thank you.
There was some concern early on in elementary school, but I was just told to work harder and pay attention.
Unfortunately, my school got rid of all our counselors, and replaced them with part-time social workers and scheduling assistants to save money.(none of us are too happy about it).

Otherwise, I would talk to someone about it, but there seems to be no one to talk to... I go back to see a doctor soon, but my regular doctor, (who is the only one that actually listens), is on vacation for about 2 months. I'll probably just have to wait this out.

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    Craziness!   If your school is a public school, they must have a special education department.   Talk with one of those part time social workers (its free and they need to earn their keep anyway).  Tell them what is going on an ask what they suggest.  It can't hurt and might just help.
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I'll try it out, thank you.
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