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ADD Med Asst need advice- nursing school

I need advice. I am a medical assistant. Ok I went to school for MA because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I am horrible at taking the ACT test (like the SAT), so i couldnt get into the college i wanted to after taking that damn test about three times and still not making a 19 on it. I kept making a 16, a 17, a 18.. i felt like i was wasting my time. So i went to MA school where no ACT score was needed. I chose this because it was the basics of the medical field, and it would help me see if I even liked it. Well I ended up liking it. Anyways its been like a year or so that Ive been a MA. I quit my MA job that I had because I thought I wanted to go to nursing school. Ok, well I took the ACT again, but I needed a 21 on it, haha, I made an 18. This test has discouraged me from school so much. Anyways, Is there any program that can help Medical Assistants to get into nursing school?! I'm not stupid, I'm actually a lot smarter than a lot of students out there. I have attention deficit disorder by the way, I know thats not an excuse and I don't like telling people I have it, but it seriously has discouraged me a lot from school and succeeding to a potential I know I have.. Does anyone have any advice? Is there any news on Medical Assistants getting into Nursing school? It's frustrating. Because I know a lot and I'm a fast learner. I just sucked at five hour long tests like the ACT.
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Do you have a formal diagnosis of ADHD by a psychiatrist? If so, you should check to see if the agency that administers the ACT will give you special accomodations to take the test under the Disability Act. These accomodations could be: extra time to take the test, a quiet location, use of a computer... Check into these accomodations or you might call CHADD to see if they have more information. I do know that some students with disabilities, including ADHD, have such accomodations to take the SAT to get into college. Of course, since you seem to know about medical fields, you must also be aware that there are medications for ADHD that can help you.  You seem very bright and eager. I hope that your dreams become reality.  Never give up.
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I went to Medical Assistant school in 1983 and graduated in 1983 as a Registered Medical Assistant (I paid for the registry for many years, but dropped it due to it made no difference in my pay scale and it was costing me money for this).

I also have ADD and OCD.  I am on medication for the ADD and OCD, and it does help my concentration.  You may want to contact your family doctor and see they can help you for send you to a specialist who can help you.  

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oh yeah i have been taking ADD medications for like 5 years or so.. maybe even longer.. and yeah it has helped in my focus, for some reason it doesnt always help when it comes to certain things.. lol
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