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ADD or ADHD???

I supposedly have a learning disability in organziational skills after a psychologist tested me couple of years ago.   I am sort of obsessive compulsive and tend to hyper focus is what my friends and family say.  I go to college full time now and focusing in many classes has become difficult. I read chapters and don't retain much.

I took my first adderol 20 mg time released  pill yesterday after asking my doctor for it and it helped me to focus and retain much much better with my studies but I did not like the speedy feeling when I was done?  I had to take a zanex to come down from it which I don't want to do.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.  Lower dose, another med, non time released.  

Are my symptoms more ADD or ADHD or something else.  Is there a test I can take to tell me what it is?
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Hi....I've been taking adderall for a long time.  When I first started taking it, I had that "speeding" feeling also.  It stopped after a few days, maybe a week.

If you keep having that feeling....definately talk to your doctor about the dose or switching to another med.  They all work a little differently and maybe one of the others will work better for you.

Most adults aren't ADHD because they aren't physically hyper....most are like me, ADD.  Having problems with organization and focusing are part of ADD.

BTW...a friend's college age daughter was on adderall and had anxiety problems.  It turned out to be caffeine from drinks like Mountain Dew, Jolt and those energy drinks.

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