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ADD or Hypochondriac?

I've posted on this website before but am still curious. I have fairly recently started to wonder if I have adhd. I used to jokingly think I did, but brushed it off as being untrue. However, now I'm unsure. I've just finished week one of classes and I seem to be able to pay attention fairly well, I think. I absolutely dread and hate thinking about homework I'll have to do, though. But, I've read that many adhd people want to do their homework, but they just get distracted. I know that in the past I've neglected to do homework and beat myself up (emotionally) for it afterwards, but I could just be really lazy.
I am curious about adhd though, because I've read people with it have a lot of internal dialogue and I think I do as well but I can't remember if this is all the time. Also, thoughout all of middle school and high school I got some A's, but also many D's and F's, even in classes I like and are my strong suit like art class. I hope I'm not just really lazy or dumb, and I know that I can't know for sure without a diagnosis but I was wondering about advice or if it seems worthwhile to be assessed by a doctor.
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    First, you probably don't have ADHD (that would have been caught early), but ADD or Predominantly Inattentive Type".   You can read about that here -
    And, as I said in my earlier response, you do have many of the symptoms. and the only way that you will know for sure is to get a diagnosis.  However, women tend to kind of get ignored by many doctors.  You want to make sure that you see a doctor that deals with adult ADD/ADHD.  Your primary physician will probably have no clue.
     Second, you need to make sure that you know alot about ADD.  Make sure you read the last links I sent you.  This link will also help - http://www.additudemag.com/slideshow/20/slide-1.html
    and, once again - if your class has caught your attention - then you will pay attention to it.  
    Hope this helps.  Let me know if you need any more info.
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