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ADD or something else?

My 19 year old son is complaining of difficulty focusing in studies. For the past three years he has complained of trouble focusing on school tasks such as studying, paper writing, etc. Because he has always been good in school, I blamed this difficulty on his penchant to stay up late playing electronic games. He made a C in Organic Chemistry this semester and stated that it was because he could not focus on his studies and it is getting worse.

He has also admitted to depression. He says he has been depressed on and off for several years.

With what type of doctor do I need to make him an appointment?
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Do you think he is getting enough sleep though?  My teenagers seem to need a lot of sleep?

Well ADHD would have been present from childhood, so if it is only the last 3 years it is more likely depression.

Find the best psychiatrist you can, a GP will not do.

There is a very good depression community here that can help him.

My guess is if he is talking to you about it he is ready to do something/face it and I think you should take this very seriously.

I wish him and you the very best.
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I noticed you said that your son has only been complaining about this for the past 3 years. Do you think that maybe hes had a hard time concentrating for several years but isnt truly noticing it until now? When he was younger he might have found school work too easy. Maybe hes having a hard time because now he is actually in classes where you need to concentrate to succeed?

Most people say that if you have ADD youll have it from childhood, which probably is true. What Im wondering is if this could be something that developed during puberty?

The reason why I say this is because I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. I never quite felt right and I didnt find out until a couple months ago, Im now 19. I know epilepsy isnt ADD but the reasons why I was asking you those questions makes more sense b/c of my experience.

I developed epilepsy during puberty because my body chemistry changed and everything screwed up. The same thing happened to my mom but she developed bipolar disorder. So thats why I was wondering if maybe theres a chance you could develop ADD later in life?

Ive had a hard time concentrating since about 4th grade or so. (during puberty=onset of epilepsy). It was never anything all that noticable to anyone else and I managed to do pretty well. Once I got to high school it became a problem. When in high school I actually had to pay attention. Before that I could just find the answers in the book, do the homework and I was pretty much done.  Nothing too difficult and everything was so straightforward. I told my dad once that I thought I had ADD but since I did well no one payed any attention. What takes someone else 2 hrs to do takes me 6. I get very disappointed w/ myself because I know I can do better.

I also made my way to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with a mood disorder. For me, the emotional problems was really the fact that I was so frustrated with my health. I just didnt know it at the time. Once I figured out what was wrong I started feeling to much better. Never feeling "right" and having everyone tell me Im fine drove me nuts. Also, I guess there can be a correlation between seizures and your moods.

Im def. not saying he has epilepsy or anything, but to consider every possibility. Along with a psychiatrist you should try to see a neurologist. Ive heard that there are psychoneurologists who could probably help but Ive never actually been to one. I also suggest he write down his symptoms along with questions to make dr. appointments more efficient. Good Luck!
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   If you son is very bright, he quite possibly could have slipped through the cracks in high school.  I have always felt that a good sign of ADHD was frustration - because the child knew they were smarter than their peers, but were getting worse grades (couldn't concentrate on tests, and homework took forever).  This feeling can certainly lead to depression.
   So YES, it is certainly worth checking out.  If you can find someone (not a GP) who specializes in ADHD - that is your best bet.  You might inquire with his college counselors if they have any recommendations of good psycs - the word does get around.
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