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My 6year old reads 5th grade level. Perfect sociable affect. No withdrawal or mood swings. She said she cannot focus in school because of "words" in her head. She has problems focusing at home but not severe as school. She is smart and very intuitive. She said she hears "words" at home too but rarely. ADD/psychoses?
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Sounds normal to me, to be honest.  She's only 6------  it is difficult to block out all things and completely focus when in a noisy (which they all kind of are at that age) classroom.  Is she doing fine with her work??  Is school coming to you with complaints?  

If not, then I would not make this into a big deal.  If you think about it, we all have a subconsious as well that 'speaks' to us.  Totally normal but a hard thing for a young child to verbalize.  

So, unless different behaviors develop or things change in terms of her performance, I'd try not to worry.  

By the way, outside time and physical play both help improve focus.  good luck
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Thanks for your response. I must admit that lately her teacher is complaining that she does not finish her seat work. My daughter always say the words bother her and call her stupid.
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The issue of a psychological illness in which she hears 'voices' is unlikely.  The onset for schizophrenia is much older----  typically in the teens.  But instead, she is hearing her own subconsious talk to her and can't really verbalize it.  My son used to say that 'my head made me do it' or " my brain told me to" because he couldn't quite say what he meant.  

I would look at it like she may have some self esteem issues----  if she is feeling stupid (and don't treat her as such for not completing some work pages)---  talk to her about what she does well with examples.  My son was telling me he thought he was stupid.  I got out work he'd brought home that his teacher had written comments (nice job, good work, 10/10, etc.) on it and we looked through the stack.  I said "you look pretty smart from this!"  and he smiled and said he guessed so.  

Give her ways to feel successful/accomplished as this builds self esteem.

Have her teachers track where she is falling short ----  if it is certain papers/things.  Sometimes get perfectionistic and then become rigid and take longer to do their work.  You want to discourage perfectionism if you can (I have some ways to do that if you don't know how to do it).  But if she is having an issue with core skills, etc. then work on those.  If it is focus----  start to chart if it is certain times of day or if it is when certain things are going on in the room.  

AND, I have a first grader and a second grader----- don't feel like this is unusual.  I work in the classroom a few times a week and there are many kids that are in the same boat.  They are young.  

good luck
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   Two other ideas.  
One is that with her intelligence she gets bored fairly quickly and the words in her head is simply the way she is dealing with the boredom.  And she may get so involved in daydreaming or finds the work so boring that she just isn't finishing it.  If she is reading on the 5th grade level, there is no way that, "words bother her and call her stupid."  But she may be missing out on the instructions?
   The other is, of course, the possibility of ADD.   I do worry about not finishing seat work.  And her beginning to "feel stupid".  That's classic ADD symptoms - but as specialmom points out and I say above - its also symptomatic of other things.
   The site I am going to give you a link to has some very good information on ADD (and adhd).  Check it out and if you have any questions please get back to us.  Best wishes.
    The site is - http://helpguide.org/mental/adhd_add_signs_symptoms.htm
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Thanx. I would definately signs see has symptoms of ADD. I am getting her evaluated in 2 weeks. Some days she focus well. Some days not at all. She will read anything that is not nailed down. She is now starting to read the Ann of Green Gables series. My husband thinks it will encourage her daydreaming and overactive "imagination." What do you think?
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   As someone who loves to read (and taught reading), my personal opinion is that there are reasons to monitor what a child reads (violence, sex, etc.).  But to do so to stop ones ability to daydream is not a very good reason. (And where do you draw the line - Snow White, Beauty and The Beast?) Yes, you do want to make sure things are age appropriate in content.  If you or he does worry about the books leading to an overactive imagination - then I would make sure you discuss the books with her afterward.   She will "daydream" no matter what she reads and kids of her age tend to have overactive imaginations anyway.  
   Do let her know that if "Ann" bores her, its ok to stop and pick up another book.  Frankly I loved anything by Shel Silverstein and almost anything by Ronald Dahl for that age group (and older).   And I can pretty well guarantee you that those books will lead to some overactive imaginations.  Which I think is healthy by the way.   Do check out the Newberry Medal winners (awards for best books for children) if you want some great books.
   It may be that what your husband thinks is "daydreaming and overactive "imagination." may be caused by something other than books - which brings us back to the whole ADD thing.  I would make sure he also reads the link I gave you.
    And do keep in mind that if she does wind up having ADD - it does not mean that she needs medication now.  With her intelligence - some simple note taking skills may be enough to keep her on track for years.  What is important is finding out what is or is not going on so that it can be dealt with by learning compensating skills.  Maybe down the line, more measures might be needed (if she has ADD), but all of you will be ready for it then.  And if the evaluation is positive, I can recommend other resources.   Do realize that the exam will probably be questionnaires to fill out among other things.  And unless, the doctor takes the time to examine her homework papers, tests, etc. to see how and where she makes mistakes - its much more difficult to diagnose a child with ADD than one with ADHD.   Which is many times why quiet intelligent girls get overlooked and then pay the price years later.  Of course, she could simply be bored  or any of the other things specialmom mentioned.  Keep in touch!  Best wishes!!
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google about a gifted mind.  Some of those kids do poorly at school but have genious IQ's.  

I guess I've heard the discussion of my head tells me, my brain tells me, the voice tells me so often from young children that I know that this seems pretty normal.  That aspect to it.  

I honestly didn't pick up on signs of add/adhd from this post but our dear Sandman would know  better than I!!
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thanx. I will definately follow your advice about choosing the books. I am almost positve she is ADD based on the information from the website, but I will wait for the evaluation results. One site suggested fish oils. I started giving fish oil gummies for the last 7 days. the results are amazing. I do not think it is placebo effect. Her teacher is much happier, not to be spending time telling her to finish her work. her teacher was so frustrated, because "she knew what to do,but just did not focus."  Her teacher is having her do story times for the class, because she wants to read all the time. I don't really care if she is a genius. I just want her to do well. thanx again.
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     Glad to hear that the gummies are helping.  
Had one other thought.  I have seen several studies that show kids with lack of sleep show ADHD symptoms.  Since she does like to read so much.  Make sure she is not reading well into the night and thus losing sleep.  Best wishes.
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My son (soon to be 16) decided recently that he doesn't want to take his Adderall anymore.  Of course I'm not going to shove it down his throat since the teachers from what I can tell are still saying positive things about him.  Hopefully the wheels stay on the track.  He did lose his lacrosse jersey the other day...probably not paying attention to where he put it.  I see little things crop up.  In any case, I am interested in these fish oil gummies.  Where do you get them?  Thanks.  
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thanx. she has always had trouble sleeping. she tries to read herself to sleep, I am ok with it since it has always worked for me, but my husband said no because she will stay up too late. i am givining chamomile tea everynight to relax her and it is working well. thanx so much.
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