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ADHD & Tourette's Syndrome

I was wondering if any of any other parents out there have kids with ADHD who also exhibit tourette's-like symptoms or have been diagnosed with tourette's? My son is almost 6 and we're quite sure he has ADHD (although he's still on the waiting list for the behavioral specialist).. he's very hyperactive, fidgetty, doesn't complete a task the 1st time you ask him, and his having a lot of trouble behaviorly in school ...but he also exhibits signs of tourette's - darty eye movement like a tic, repetitive speech, scanning speech, constant noises.. So I'm wondering if he may have tourette's with comorbid ADHD. Does anyone have any insight?

Thank you!!
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In, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.  She says on p62, that 60% of children with Tourette's have ADHD.  But only 7% of kids with ADHD have Tourette's.
   Hope that helps.  The book mentioned above is worth getting by the way.
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Hi I had ADHD and tourettes most people with ADHD show signs of autism or tourettes there all connected in some way, I think the way you've described things sounds as if it's tourettes, I've been 2 many behavioul specialist, good luck with it and don't worry x
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