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I am strongly seeking for somebody's advice and what should I do about this I have a severe case of adhd mixed with anxiety and I am a grown adult that needs medication for my adhd for school and work and I get really frustrated that my parents don't let me control my own meds in general they know I don't abbuse it but every time I need my meds I have ask them and it makes my anxiety act up even more cuz I have to call them tell them I need my meds and it's annoying because they r not always their how can I get them to let me be in charge of it trust me and just let me keep it on me instead of needing to call them every time I need it it's making me go crazy Please tell me what are the right words to tell them and explain to them I did not chose to be sick all this worry u guys do is making me sicker I love them and appreciate that they care but I don't use it for recreation  it's actually upsets me that it's so hard for me to focus I need to work ten times as hard as the person next to with medicine it's starting to get me so annoyed that every time I need meds i got to ask college  is getting so tough for me I jus want to drop out I just can't put up with this anymore please advice tell me what to tell my parents
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