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my 6 years old son, has been having behavioral problems since ha was 3 years old. he had speech delay. he has been evaluated for a developmental delay. he is in first grade now. he is a very smart boy. However, he has a difficulty focusing on his work. Therefore, he always has incomplete work. He also have a difficulty following directions.
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   Well, first grade boys do tend to have problems focusing on work.  When is his birthday?
  Sounds like you may be asking if he might have something in the AD/HD spectrum?  Probably a good thing to do is to read up on it. This is a pretty good site to give you some information.       http://www.healing-arts.org/children/ADHD/
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Yes, he may have ADD, that's the attention part. If he can't sit still and fidgets, walks in circles, repeats phrases or words he just heard ADHD. Well that is some of the things my son did. The school tried to get me to admit the problem in K. I was in denial, and I'm a nurse. It took my son telling me he couldn't sit still and focus when he was in the 4th grade. He still has his problems on occation but for the most part he is doing well.  When he was smaller or even now, when you walk across the street, does he try to let go of your hand and run across ahead of you? They said that is one indication. The behavior, inability to focus, incomplete work, and following directions are all parts of ADD and ADHD.
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Your son may also have Asperger's Syndrome.
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How do you get rid of ADD?
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I have a 7 yr old son who has been officialy diagnosed as having ADHD along with Sensory Processing Disorder since the August; before he had had early intervention for speech delay and had been labled with "Developmental Delay" by the school systems special services team.

I agree that young boys often are behind girls in their ability to sit and attend in a classroom because they mature later.  However, if his speech and other troubles are creating difficulty in the classroom/ outside the classroom I'd see if you can get a full evaluation done for him.  Often times you can get one done with the local school system or at such agencies like United Cerebal Palsy Fountdation (UCP, it's not just for cerebal palsy) for free if your pediatrician or insurance give you troubles.

My experence has been that things like this often go hand in hand with very bright even gifted children.  Often times it takes a great amount of intelegence to get as far as they have with all the obsticles they must overcome in a classroom.  Getting the proper diagnosis can help get a child their parents/ teachers/ care givers the help they need to accell,  It can also save a child's self esteem.  

For my son a combination of Occupational Therapy for his sensory integration issues, and accomidations and meds for his ADHD have helped tremendously.  He no longer sees himself as a "bad boy" who can't controll himself and is always getting in trouble.  Now I can help him and give him the tools to deal with his issues.  I finaly relise that it is not a issue of disobedience for him a lot of times, more of something that needs to be attended to.  I wouldn't refuse him attention if he had diabetes or a missing leg.  Why should I avoid attending to his "invisible" conditions of ADHD and SI?

I hope this helps.
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