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My 9yr old daughter seems to exhibit a lot of behaviors that members on this forum are talking about. However they have not yet assessed her as having ADHD/ADD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. She is in the 4th grade and I get calls home daily about her disrespectful behaviour at school. Academically she is doing great it is just the behaviour that is bringing her down. She is only like this at school too. She has play dates with several kids in the neighborhood and the parents report back to me indicating if there was any sorta problems. When she was in daycare she sometimes acted up but the conclusion to that was that the environment wasn't structured enough and now she has a sitter that waits for her to get home. She is not like this at home with us, it just seems to be in the school setting.

I wanted to know if this behavior is common for ADHD/ADD or Oppositional Defiance Disorder children? Is there anyone I should be taking her to see aside from her GP? Someone at her school mentioned I should take her in to see a therapist, has anyone else done this? What is the positive or negative outcomes from that?

Any help is greatly appreciated, even if you think it might not apply to me. Thanks :)
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She has been like this since Kindergarten. In fact she was suspended 5 times in Kindergarten and at the end of the school year she was cordially uninvited back because of her behaviour. They have yet to diagnose her with ADHD/ADD and/or Oppositional Defiance Disorder. We have tried the whole discipline thing when things go wrong at school but she will return to her moody/abusive self within a few days to even a week after we correct her on what she did wrong.

She has been on an IEP since we moved to this state and prior to that the other school she went to didn't have the funding to find out what was wrong and kept placing the blame elsewhere. Like I said she is not like this at home, during play dates and her current daycare has not noticed any of the signs the school is bringing to our attention.  
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