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ADHD International Telepsychiatry Diagnosis

I follow the site and have come to appreciate the constant contribution. I have an issue, and will like some advice on the matter. My current doctor is not versed with the procedures for ADD, and doctors in my location do not recognize ADHD as a serious life altering disorder. My Psychiatrist admits that I do have certain aspects of the illness but is not willing to pursue the matter any further. My question is, how do I go about setting up an online consultation with a psychiatrist, willing to diagnose me, prescribe the necessary medication and ship it to my current location (for I am not financially stable to travel to the US for treatment). I just want to get my life together. Am running out of time and no one will help me.
Awaiting your informed reply.  
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         Geez, I feel for you!  Its gotta drive you nuts just knowing that there might be something more out there that can help you - and its...just..out ..of ...reach.    At least you are on to what may be the possible cause of a lot of your problems.   Depression and anxiety are huge co-disorders of adult ADD.  And many times its simply because they have gone so long not knowing or not understanding what has been happening to them.   Why all psycs haven't figured this out is beyond me.  Even in the states, I see and get lots of posts from adults who are fighting the same battles you are.  
          Unfortunately, while you have a great idea, I am pretty sure that a psyc would get into trouble for doing what you ask.  It kind of violates several clinical guidelines.
         So what can you do?   Obviously, get a new doctor!
          If you can't then get the information that will help you.  The only good thing about adult ADD is that you do have more control (compared to a kid).  The more you learn about ADD, the better your chances are to reduce both anxiety and depression.
         There are two go to sites for information.
         The first site has lots of info that will help you.  Probably start here -
          The second site is by a guy with ADD.  Besides having a lot of good info - it also lets you know that you are not alone.   Give it a try.
        Oh, if you ever do find a way to get to the states and want to meet the best - this is the place to go.    http://www.corepsych.com/services/
         I really wish I could be of more help.  Of course, if you need any more info on this whole matter, please ask.  
         Best wishes and good luck!!  
Hello Sandman. Thanks for the input. I am well informed of the disorder that is ADD. I have done a lot of research on both the symptoms and signs of identification.
    I was thinking of an online telemedicine diagnosis, since psychiatry doesn't really need much of physical assement.
  My doc as agreed to take me through therapy, that is Exercise, diet, Rest, study methods and coping systems. It is helping, but bearly. I know international telepsychiatry is still in its budding stages, but any ideas will be welcomed.
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