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ADHD/OCD 7 years old

My son has been Diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. He has been on ADHD medication since he was 4 and now newly diagnosed with OCD. They think the Vyvanse is making the OCD sympotms worse. I can see this since we placed him on Zoloft for the OCD things have improved somewhat. I feel so bad for him becuase our personalities are so different. I am very melow and laid back but also Type A. He is constantly getting into trouble over little things at school almost daily. He also makes me very frazzled throughout the day. I feel like I am constantly reminding him on things he should no not to do. Then ten minutes later having to remind him again. It is like he does not get it. He even thinks he has two voices one that says the right thing to do and one that tells him to do it anyway's. He says he cannot control himself. He also feels like everyone is out to get him because he is always being gotten on to. He has poor control of personal space and so at times is intrusive with other kids. He feels as though he has not friends and this breaks my heart. At the same time I am exhausted with him and feel as though I do not like him. He is now 7 1/2.
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He is on Vyvanse 60mg and Zoloft. I am a nurse Practitioner, I knwo all about tweeking meds. I have been doing that. I also have him in counceling. The Vyvanse is making the OCD worse becuase now he is focused so the things he is OCD about he is paying more attention to. Thanks for your input I will look at the ones you suggested.
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