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ADHD and Sleep Disorders


Due to a work schedule that fluctuates daily (like a flight attendant or pilot) and often requires that I go long periods of times without sleep I have developed a chronic insomnia condition. Honestly,a night I don't take my Ambien or Ambien CR is a night I don't sleep...period.  It has been like this for several years and only appears to be getting to worst as my dependency on these medications solidifies. But over the past couple of years I've begun to notice that I simply can't concentrate on anything. Once a grad student with a 3.75+ GPA, I can barely type up an email anymore. I can't keep my thoughts straight and many things in my life simply go undone.  I feel as though I am exhibiting signs of ADHD, because my mind can't focus on any one thing-but I wonder how do sleep aids such as Ambien impact conditions such as ADHD in adults? How do Melatoin, Seratoin and the various chemicals in the brain work against those of us who do "shift" work? Oh, two things I must mention (1)The fluctuating schedule is NEVER going to stop-if anything it may become even more hectic? (2) I may be even experiencing some levels of depression-but is related to the sleep aids. Since my employer would punish me for taking any SSI and even the AMBIEN if discovered can a medication such as "Adderroll" help me focus more. Please help.
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You sound to me like you are suffering the effects of sleep deprivation.  Is there any way you could get yourself into a more regular schedule by any chance.  If not, then you will just have to do what helps you the most.  But I would talk tot he doctor about the Adderol.  Are you officially diagnosed as ADHD or do you think you are ADHD b/c you cannot focus well?  I need more clarification.
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Sleeping pills do not provide the restoring quality of unmedicated sleep. I agree with benjimom; you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Were you to take ADD meds (uppers)  your condition would become immeasurably worse. Your job is the problem. Do you have other options?
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I would think being on an amphetamine woudl make yuour need for sleep less, but you know that is not good over long periods of time.   Your body needs the rest to restore itself.  Would something for depression help?  I saw you wrote you would not want them to know. It's a shame that in your industry you have to be ashamed to ask for help and suffer, etc.  
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   While you may be exhibiting signs of ADHD now,  there are lots of other things that can cause similar affects.  ADHD does not suddenly start up in your adult life.  If you had a 3.75 GPA, its a bit hard to imagine you had ADHD then - unless you were medicated then.
  I agree completely with Allmymarbles, if you add uppers to the mix to stay alert - it is an extremely dangerous, addictive mixture.  There are enough celebrities who have tried that and paid the consequences.
  My guess is that the sleep deprivation (and the ambien dependency) is having its toll on you.  There is a very good sleep forum in MedHelp.  There seem to be numerous posts from people who have similar problems.  I would definitely check it out.  There are also doctors that specialize in sleep problems.  I think it would be worth your time to check that out.   Good Luck!  
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