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ADHD and elevated liver enzymes

Hi, I'm a male age 29.

I began taking Focalin about 5 months ago. Since then I have been great. My life has changed. During some blood work 2 weeks ago my doctor found that my liver enzymes were elevated. She is sending me to a specialist in a couple of days. She thinks I have Hemochromatosis.

My AST = 92 and my ALT = 199

She has taken me off of Focalin because an ultrasound showed my liver as inflamed.

I am about to chew my finger nails off. I have taken my Focalin almost everyday since June. I knew it was working but I had no idea how bad my ADHD is without it.

I have read that Vyvanse is not metabolized by the liver but by the stomach. Given a heart palpatation every now and again (a couple of times a day- I never mentioned that but it is a symptom of iron overload) would it be advisable that I take anything for my ADHD?

I don't know what to do. I really need to be on something for ADHD before I go crazy.

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  As I am a psychologist and not a psychiatrist, I can not advise you on medication. The psychiatrist who manages the Mental Health forum may be able to help you, but in the meantime, do stay contact with your psychiatrist so he/she knows what your are experiencing.

Rebecca Resnik

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