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ADHD and motivation

I'm 26 and was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in elementary school. I was put on Ritalin but once I was old enough to realize what it was, I stopped taking it. I'm very anti pill, or at least was. I am now seeing a psychiatrist who put me on Wellbutrin when I told him about my lack of motivation to do anything really. It can be work related or a hobby of mine. I used to paint and to photography but now I don't even see the point of doing it. Sometimes I'll want to do it and I'll think about doing something but I never will. If I feel as if I am forced to do something or I have to do it for whatever reason I will complete it. Like with work, if something is time sensitive I'll do it. But if it's not so important it will sit around for months until I literally have to force myself to do it. So I guess my question is ADHD tied to motivation? I need to know because I have an appointment with my psych on Friday and at our last visit I bought up that I had ADHD but he just wanted me to watch my moods for a month and come back and report on them. So I want to make sure that motivation is tied to ADHD in some way before I throw that out there with him.
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   It is and it isn't.  I am posting two links to posts by adults with ADHD who took the time to list symptoms.  It may be more helpful to you to see if you fit some of the other areas.  I like what your psyc is doing, by not jumping in right away.  Be honest with him.
    Hope this helps.  
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Thank you so much. Yeah I've been seeing him for months now and he's only tried depression meds. Now he wants to explore the ADHD and possible bi polar. So he's not just handing out pills hoping to fix something. I'll read those links and get all the info I can.
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Is lack of motivation a personality trait, or a disability? Is procrastination a personality trait or a disability? Are fits of temper a personality trait..... Are personality traits disabilities? Are pills the answer?

I am the mistress of procrastination. Let me call it MP to give it status. I work on assignments that have a due date. I put off working on whatever it is I have to do, and put it off, and put it off, and the pressure builds. Finally as I approach deadline, and my head is about to explode, I get down to it, finish it, and turn it in at the 11th hour.

Now let's say I could take a pill that would relieve me of this annoying trait. There I would be, peaceful and comfortable, working away at an easy pace and finishing well before deadline. No pressure. No anxiety. But what would I have given up?  Would I lose my impetuous nature, my sense of adventure? And, perhaps worst of all, would my writing lack  punch and sparkle? I don't think I want that pill.

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I wouldn't consider my lack of motivation a personality trait. Maybe it is for you but I was born with motivation. I was born with hard working genetics. I was not born lazy. If I could take a pill that would give me my old motivated self back, I would take it in a heartbeat. Because I am the person who finisihs tasks with plenty of time to spare. So imagine for a second if you took that pill, to give you motivation, and would do anything possible to get back to your old self of high stress but great writting, and now realize that this is where I am right now. Except I want what the pill can give me back. The pill gives me my sanity and makes me want to create again.  I don't want to be unmotivated. It's not who I am.
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I have bipolar disorder and ADHD. Yeah me! Two for the price of one. lol I tried Wellbutin and reacted quite poorly to it. It messed me up big time with my bipolar disorder, but for others I have heard rave reports. I haven't taken any other ADHD meds because I am scared they will mess with my bipolar meds.  It is frustrating because I know I need some help. My motivation is poor and I am easily distracted. My husband teases me kindly. He calls it the 'oh look a shiny thing' syndrome. I can't have the TV on, even on mute, and talk to him as it is too distracting. I wonder what I could accomplish with some additional help.
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For me, I realized the poor motivation and low ambition I was experiencing all these years was mostly from a lack of stimulation and poor mental energy to focus on doing anything, and sustain through doing anything.  It was also depressing not having the stimulation to get much done and follow through, a lot of time gets wasted.  I realized all of this once I started medicine a few months ago.  I realized it the first day of starting Vyvanse, it was incredible.  It's now less noticable, and though I am still on a low dose, but I will be going up for better motivation, focus, attention and hyperactive help.  And I was diagnosed with ADHD through psychological testing when I was around 5 or 6 years old.  When I was a kid I tried many ADHD meds, but I don't remember if they were helpful then.  Recently I've been on generic Adderall, and Vyvanse.  I found Vyvanse to work the best, and my doctor thinks Vyvanse is the best that's out there right now.
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