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ADHD/depression or BI Polar

For the better part of my life I have always been very energetic and hyper-focused on certain obsessions like sports,weather reports, video games when I was growing up.  I also had extreme social anxiety and anxiety in general with new situations when I was a kid.  When I was a kid I remember being depressed after my parents were divorced when I was 5(now 25) and when my mom left to move to NC(9 years old) and into a deep depression when I was 15 after the death of my grandmother and great grandfather.  Also growing up I would day dream quite a bit by getting lost in thought and I also had a lot of anger growing up but that was more or less tied into emotional responses to certain situations which I heard is ADHD related but I know depression/severe anxiety can cause responses as well.  I know I suffer from depression and anxiety which also runs on both sides of my family but I am not sure if it's the combo of those three or maybe Bi Polar mixed in with the anxiety.... or maybe even ADHD as well.  Like I said growing up I always had obsessions but I would always get really focused on worthless stuff that had no value to my life........ I am now 25 I abused marijuana from 15-16, quit a year and then turned to alcohol severely from 18-22 followed by marijuana use from off an on from 18 again till recently quitting a month ago after realizing my depression was getting out of control.  Now I am completely sober and have an appointment with a psychiatrist  on Thursday but am really unsure of where to start and I am nervous that they may misdiagnose me because of my own indecisiveness on exactly what the issue is.  As of late I feel down and have a very hard time concentrating and focusing on information and reading comprehension has been hard as well..... with the racing thoughts but I have had a few good days but my cognitive state is rather dismal.  I have always been very impulsive regarding a lot of things and have had an addictive personality much of my life mixed in with social anxiety..... but I often miss a lot of small details because of my conditions...... it's been a whirlwind.... Any advice?
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    You have all the classic examples of ADHD.   Its a pretty good chance that with the breakup of your family, treatment for you was ignored.  Which was too bad because ADHD by itself will cause anxiety and depression.  30 to 40% of people with ADHD have anxiety disorders.   And, I can certainly understand the depression.  You had just reasons to be.  I don't seem much evidence of being bipolar.   By the way,  for untreated ADHD, the odds of self-medicating are much higher then a person who was treated with meds.
    Anyway, I have 5 very good links for you.  The first three deal with adult ADHD and include a self test.  The last 2 deal with anxiety and ADHD.
    If you do have ADHD, the last thing that you want the doc to do is to only treat the anxiety.  That will not be treating the what could be the major cause of the problem.  So definitely take you time to read these.  They will, I think, give you enough info to help the doc help you.  If you have any questions about what you read, please post.  And certainly please post after the doctors visit and let me know how things went.  Good luck!
    The links are:
Is it adult ADHD?
an adult adhd test
why adult ADHD is misdiagnosed.
diagnosing related conditions
ADHD and anxiety.
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This information helped TREMENDOUSLY... it was a breath of fresh air.  I am going to take this info to the doctor and hopefully it will help with my diagnosis.
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    Thanks, I thought you might find it helpful.   Let me know how things go.
Happy Holidays.
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