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my daughter has been on Concerta for 3 years now she is currently off the medication based on parent decision. However, she still shows no change in school grades as she grew older, has a under weight issue and mood swing are major when medicine wore off. What should I do? I am currently attending a new doctor and having her re evaluated for her adhd. I just want her to be unique and an individual. The teachers are telling me she needs to be medicated and the school is still new to her. Her new doctor when evaluation of her said she had no apparent symptoms???
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      Well, ADHD is for life.  It doesn't go away, you just learn how to cope with it.  So my first question is what kind of a doc is your new doctor and how did he evaluate her?
       Current clinical practices require that the symptoms be present for 6 or more months and that they occur in two different places.  In other words, the doctor can not just examine someone once in their office and make a decision.
   Hopefully, you did more for your daughter then just take her off the meds.  Like give her strategies to cope with ADHD.  Like start 504 plans for help in schools, etc?
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