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ADHD symptoms as part of seizure?

Is it possible that an epileptic seizure can be mistaken for ADHD? The question concerns a boy who shows seizure like ADHD symptoms which last a certain time and then completely resume. In good phases he can sit down and read a book for 30 minutes or work on school work, is nice to talk to, has behavior control. Once he is in the other stage he will make funny noises, talks like a maniac, can't sit still, loses all his manners, insults people, can't concentrate on anything, very sensitive to sounds, can't control himself. Any interventions from adults won't reach him...
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Yes it is possible to Misdiagnose ADHD and the person really has Seizures.

And the drugs they use for ADHD and ADD can cause Seizures among other things.

I am not a Doctor but my son has Seizures and he was on two Different Drugs ADDERALL and Then we tried Concerta until I found out he was Having Seizures,and one of the Doctors said to me that it could be from the drugs . I took my son off of the Concerta .And my son will never take those drugs again. And my son still has Seizures every day.

The one thing that has helped him with calming down and learning is having two great Teachers that come to our home and work with him after School hours for two hours.And I now give him Childrens MultiVitamin along with these other Vitamins B6 Omega 3-6-9 and Vitamin C and B6.

If you have not taken him to get checked yet .You should start writing every time something happen down and what he was doing before and how he is after . And Medicine he has taken in his life and what it was like before you had him and what the birth was like the Doctors will need this.Also if you could Viedo tape these things happen that would  also be very good to take with you.

There is Seizure Videos on youtube showing different kind of Seizures ,and some you can't even tell the person is having a Seizure.

My son has Seizures that you can see and some that you can't tell he is having a Seizure.

Take a look at these two sites.





I hope these sites and the info I gave you help you.

And your son also will need to get a EEG and blood work up done on him to make sure to rule every out.

If you need anything more or want to talk send me a message and I will be happy to get back in touch with you.

god bless and stay strong and fight for your son and don't let anyone in your way.

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