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ADHD undiagnosed till adult

If ADHD goes undiagnosed till adulthood what are some of the symptoms? Can depression be one? Can Bipolar be one? Is addictive personality a symptom of any one of these?
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Yes, all of those can easily come along with ADHD and very often do.  ADHD is known to have co-existing disorders and bi-polar and depression are two of the foresmost ones.  Addiction is commonly experienced by those with ADHD because we tend to self-medicate in order to stimulate the area of our brain that is deficient.  This is why stimulant medication tends to work so well usually.  Another reason for being prone to addiction is because many with ADHD (especially undiagnosed) go through life with many failures, difficult obstacles and a lack of understanding from others as to why... thus drugs and alcohol are turned to.  I'm a newly diagnosed adult with ADHD and have done a lot of research.  The best resources I have found are the online forums (ADHD specific) and going to bookstores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble and taking about 10 books on ADHD to the cafe area and skimming them for a few hours.  Hope this helps!
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I am a 42 year old male. I can tell you it has been subtle suffering for years with ADHD. It's a miracle I have a college degree. I have done or had all of the symptoms and bad habits you described. I was also in AA for 12 years and my life got worse before the end and I ended up drinking and doing drugs for 3 years.  The condition makes the individual appear to be inconsistent and self absorbed. I started taking serequel about 6 months ago because of a second in 3 years bout with depression. Feeling better after a few months I told my doctor that I still felt a little spacey. She prescribed adderall. People with ADHD like myself who take a stimulant like this get a reverse effect. I am now for the first time in 42 years able to stay on task without having to interact with something like a guitar or golf clubs which I am highly accomplished in both. I use to always have to be working with a tangible object to stay focused and sometimes that became difficult. Everyone in my family and also my friends can tell a difference. These medications is not for everyone but I can tell you it has been a blessing for me.

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What a strange trip it's been.   I am 43 years old and have just been diagnosed with ADHD.  I am awaiting word of which type of medicine they are going to have me on.  I have suffered issues since I was 5 years old but was not diagnosed with anything until I was 35.I have ALWAYS suffered from poor self esteem issues, procrastination, lack of interest in school, (except for Art).   I went 3 years to a 2 year Community college and did not finish do to anxiety and not showing up.  I thought maybe I needed to go somewhere I wouldnt have to take math or english courses as this seemed to have no interest to me or lack of understanding was hard for me.  I then went to Art School only to not finish AGAIN!   My job patterns go in a similar way.   I moved back to my hometown and sought help due to some angry outbursts at my parents which was out of the norm.   At that time I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar/Manic depressive.  I was place on Paxil and took it for 2 to 3 years.   I stopped the meds, became hooked on drugs and lived a dreary life until moving away and made new friends.  That was 7 years ago and have managed my anxiety the best I could.  Within the last year I started to suffer from severe panic attacks/depression.   These were very scary and very tiring as I would have these without any notice, day or night, at work, a store, at at home.   I sought treatment again, and was place on paxil as well as xanax for the attacks, and having Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.   I have been on the Paxil for 5 months now and have noticed some angry outbursts coming back into the swing of things as well as starting alot of things and not finishing them, I quit my job, having problems just keeping up with things.  After my session today with the Dr. they are now stating I have ADHD along with depression.   My, am I tired of all these things or what, but am hoping this last diagnosis is going to pull me up out of this diagnosis hole.  Hopefully this is it!  
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