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ADHD vs. Just a Kid..

My son is 12 and my son talks negative about himself all the time, especially after getting in trouble, when he thinks he should be getting in trouble, or when he does poorly on a school test. He even can't eat with lots of noise during lunch hours at school. My son is ADHD and has been picked on from his teachers since JK about potentially being ADHD. I had him tested and I refused to medicate my child until his grade 3 teacher when his showed an active role and took a lot of her time to work with him. She tested him based on his learning strengths and his academic skills went from D's to B+'s and some A's, all because someone took a minute to test my child with the tools he has, instead of what is expected. After his grades picked up so did his confidence with himself. He was proud.

I did end up medicating my son and I wish I did it earlier; not because he as doing poorly in school or because he was hyper and a normal busy kid, but because he couldn't focus on anything. His once told me "he was tired" - I asked why- he said "BECAUSE MY BRAIN FEELS LIKE THE TV WHEN WE CHANGE CHANNELS  OVER AND OVER AGAIN I CANT STOP MY BRAIN IT'S ALWAYS LIKE CLICK....CLICK...CLICK..".  His words not mine. At that moment, I knew I had to give medicine a try. Please note we did try lots of things. I read many books have had him tested, have tried keeping him physically busy with sports. My son talks a lot, all day long, while playing games, watching movies, making a snack, going to the washroom (often has to talk real loud so you can hear him through the walls or the door while he is in the washroom) he finishes everyone's sentences, rambles in his sleep, etc.

Even on the medicine he is still my very chattery son, but he doesn't take it personal when you ask him to "shh" he doesn't think as negative about himself, and he can sit and COMPLETE homework unassisted. He is happier than he use to be, he speaks slower too and often pauses and waits for a response instead of rambling and interrupting all the time. I am very happy now that I know he is happier, for several reasons but his favourite is - he is being heard and is no longer the annoying kid in class or in his circle of friends. sigh - kids.

Will my kid have to be medicated forever, is he actually ADHD or just a kid and will he grow out of all his chaos during puberty?

reluctant at first.
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   Interesting, you must be in Canada or Europe as it is not marketed in the US as far as I can tell.  by the way, thanks for the question, I had not heard of it till now.  I googled it and it looks like a very good med.  I think its probably kept out of the us due to another med that is very similar with a lot of advertising budget behind it.  
   Anyway, to answer your question, from what I have read.  It looks like a good extended release medication.  (Side note - always and I mean always google the meds - any meds - you or your child are prescribed.)
    To answer your question about over dosing.  Which actually also is important for under dosing.  Always keep in communication with your doctor.  Since everybody is different and reacts differently, the doctors always start with a low dose and wait for parental feedback.  You son is at an age where shorty he may start to increase his height and weight. When this happens his med needs may change -or not.  Don't ever be afraid to go back to the doc and say you or his teachers are seeing changes.
    And please remember that the most important thing that you can do for him is to get info about ADHD, and share it with him!
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      You didn't say which med he is on.  But the most common meds are stimulants which to a normal person are exactly that - very stimulating.  On them your brain really does start acting "LIKE THE TV WHEN WE CHANGE CHANNELS  OVER AND OVER AGAIN I CANT STOP MY BRAIN IT'S ALWAYS LIKE CLICK....CLICK...CLICK."  When the meds cause you to do the opposite - to slow down - then its a pretty good chance you have ADHD.  Because if you didn't you would get pretty hyper, etc.
    ADHD does last a lifetime.  However, as you mature and learn coping strategies, the need for meds can wear off or go to an as needed basis.
    I think the fact that you are asking this question also indicates that your doctor has not spent a lot of time informing you about ADHD and how to help your child cope (besides just meds)..    I highly suggest you buy the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.  It will help both you and him now and in the future.  Best wishes.
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He is on Biphentin 40 mg. A small dose for his age/weight but I dont want to over dose my kid.  Is there a better type of ADHD medicine to maybe sugget to the doctor?
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thank you Sandman2
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